Maths and beyond

15/01/2017: The collaboration with ended but a new one started. As MathIsInTheAir editor I started publishing some posts in MathematicsInEurope website. See it here.

18/04/2016: I started working with a web magazine called . I am one of the writers for the Maths category!

14/03/2016: It’s Pi Day! Let’s have a look to my pi story…again in Italian…sorry! But, just for you, here it is a brand-new blog: Math Is In The Air ENGLISH VERSION! Have a look!

10/09/2015: Ode (et amo) to number 89, in Italian language. It is a funny and quite nonsense story to honor numer 89 and its properties.

04/05/2015: I started my PhD in Mathematics at University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) in October 2014. My supervisor is Vanessa Miemietz. The name of the project I applied for is Homological Methods in Representation Theory. If you want, you can read what I’m studying here:2cat2rep.


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